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Wild weeds walks and workshops

Foraging has become the 'in' word of today. We all know of chefs who go out there and harvest their wild ingredients. But is it only about truffles and porcini?

On the Nettle Garden walk you will discover the most familiar wild weeds, what they meant to our ancestors and what they can do for us. You will pick the ones that you are called towards and then learn to make your own herbal remedy.

You will learn how to harvest wild weeds sustainably, with reverence and gratitude.

Wild weeds walks and workshops usually last around 2-3 hours and for the moment are offered in person only. We will wander around a private land, along uneven paths and possibly in muddy conditions.

Please see our events page for upcoming walks and workshops.

£20 per adult

(well behaved dogs and children are welcome)

a lake at sunrise
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