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Buzzing with anticipation

Nettle Garden is a place for nature, her expression and healing, (however as I write this I had to chase a hen from my newly planted pot of caraway and catmint - wrong nature expression!)

With traditional farming continuously under fire for not rewilding enough, I smuggle wild seeds into every forgotten corner of our farm, I plant wildflowers by the hedgerows guerrilla style. And now....

Beekeeping! There will soon be a young queen bee with her courtiers residing here! And for once I seem to be doing it the right way round.

bees working on a comb

  1. Beekeeping course attended (Really? That much to learn?)

  2. Retired beehive acquired (Surely I am doing Mr L a favour by gradually emptying his garage of bits and bobs to do with bees.)

  3. Amazingly strong will and restraint exhibited at a bee equipment shop (I really just need things to clean and repair the boxes. I am not even looking at the bee suits in soft pastel colours.)

  4. Bees looked at online - not ordered yet (More exemplary restraint here!)

Today, being a Sunday and also one of those eight bright, sunny, dry days that we get in England these days each year, I cleaned a hive. I scraped old wax.

scraping the propolis and wax from a box
Scrape and scrape some more

I breathed in the scent of honey and beeswax. I brushed every nook and cranny of the countless parts that a beehive consists of. I burned old frames with old combs to prevent any parasites surviving.

burning the old combs
Freddie is supervising

All in all, a very productive day with the view of a sweet, honey coloured future. And while my intention is bee centred beekeeping (for the bees, not the honey), there might be a bit honey going spare. Just to make a few electuaries with my Nettle Garden clients.

The only thing now is to get the bees.


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