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Comfrey is one of our all time favourties here at Nettle Garden. The earthiness and green smell and flavour speak of minerals, nourishment and healing. Also known as 'bone-knit' it was long used as a healing herb.

This soothing, calming balm will support during healing process. Use externally as and when needed. Not for open wounds.

30 ml glass jar

Nettle Garden 'Comfrey Comfort'

  • comfrey leaves, sunflower oil, beeswax

  • 'My surgeries have left me with large wounds/scars for which Veronika has made a comfrey balm that I am applying twice a day. This is nothing less than a miracle balm. I can feel it working and healing when I smooth it on. It is soft and silky, and glides on leaving no residue, helping the wounds feel supple and moisturised. After just two days of application I was already noticing the healing accelerating. I need some more please!!'

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